Declarative Services in Apache Karaf

In this post I would like to demonstrate how easy it is to use Declarative Services in Karaf. The source code will be based on the Converter service and client that were used in a previous example about remote services. This time however both the service and the client will reside in the same OSGi container and instead of Activators Declarative Services will be used.

Using WRAP protocol to install bundles in Apache Karaf

The WRAP protocol provides a convenient way to install bundles in Apache Karaf in many situations. I will try to describe it here with some real examples.

First let us try to install ecj-3.5.1.jar. This is the Eclipse Compiler for Java bundle and can be downloaded from a Maven repository.

Start Karaf and type:

Easy installation of bundles in Apache Karaf

Easy installation of bundles in Apache Karaf

Apache Karaf provides many convenient ways for bundles installation:

Spring JDBC in OSGi

Spring JDBC provides an excellent alternative to the dreadful Java JDBC API for accessing a database. However, using it in an OSGi container isn't so easy, as there are some pitfalls to avoid. I will try to describe here a solution to this problem.

Test Database

First let's create a test database. We are going to use MySQL. Open a MySQL command prompt and type the following:

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