Aligning Service-Oriented Architectures with Security Requirements

Type of pub: 
Paper - conference
Mattia Salnitri
Fabiano Dalpiaz
Paolo Giorgini
Book title - Journal: 
OTM 2012 Conferences
R. Meersman, T. Dillon et al.

Aligning requirements and architectures is a long-standing concern in software engineering. Alignment is crucial in the area of systems evolution, wherein requirements and system architectures keep changing after system deployment. We address a specific alignment problem, namely, checking the compliance of a service-oriented architecture— representing a composite service—with security requirements. Service-oriented architectures are dynamic (services can be replaced on-the-fly), and assessing compliance with security requirements is key, since non- compliance may lead to sanctions as well as privacy violation. After motivating and describing the problem, we propose algorithms to check two specific security requirements: non-disclosure and non-repudiation. We illustrate the approach using an e-government scenario.

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