Aligning Software Configuration with Business and IT Context

Type of pub: 
Paper - conference
Fabiano Dalpiaz
Raian Ali
Paolo Giorgini
Book title - Journal: 
Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering
Jolita Ralyté, Xavier Franch, Sjaak Brinkkemper, Stanislaw Wrycza

An important activity to maximize Business/IT alignment is the selection of a software configuration that fits a given context. Feature models compactly represent the space of software configurations in terms of distinguished characteristics (features). Feature models fall short in capturing and analyzing the effect of context on the adoptability and operability of features and, thus, of configurations. Capturing such effect helps to minimize the dependency on analysts and domain experts when deriving a software aligned with a specific business and IT environment. In this paper, we propose contextual feature models as a means to explicitly represent and reason about the interplay between variability of both features and context. We devise a formal framework and automated analyses which enable the systematic derivation of products aligned to an organizational context. We also propose a CASE tool that supports both modeling and automated analysis

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