Aniketos: Challenges and Results

Miguel Ponce de Leon
Richard Sanders
Per HÃ¥kon Meland
Marina Egea
and Zeta Dooly 1
Book title - Journal: 
Workshop at 9th International Conference on Trust, Privacy & Security in Digital Business (TrustBus 2012)
Springer LNCS

This article gives a brief overview of Aniketos, a large EU- funded Integrated project funded under the 7th Framework pro- gramme, that aims to establish and maintain trustworthiness and secure behaviour in todays constantly changing service environment. It is look- ing at ways to assess what level of trust should exist between entities. This offers users a fast and accurate way to decide if they can depend on an on-line service or data source. This automatic assessment will also provide ways to analyse and share information on preventing new threats and vulnerabilities

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