Aniketos demonstrations at CES and CCNC

The Aniketos Project demoed its software on the IEEE stand at the CES-event. The annual International CES show ( in Las Vegas this year was a huge event, with over 150 000 attendees visiting over the four days. The Aniketos Project was therefore pleased to be able to demo its software on the IEEE ( stand at the event. The software included the two main design-time user interfaces developed by Aniketos: the STS-Tool ( and the Service Composition Framework (SCF). The STS-Tool is a socio-technical security modelling tool, allowing security requirements for a service composition to be described graphically at the level of roles, agents and goals. The resulting requirements are then passed across to the SCF where concrete services can be discovered, composed and deployed as an executable Web service. The demo illustrated how Aniketos ensures that the final service composition matches the security requirements specified by the user. Visitors to the IEEE stand took a keen interest in the Aniketos technologies and provided valuable feedback. Following on from CES the demo was then shown at IEEE CCNC 2013 (, an academic show for Consumer Communications and Networking also held in Las Vegas. This also generated a lot of interest, and across the two shows the response was very positive. Attendees’ average rating for the importance of security and trustworthiness of services was 4.7 out of 5. In terms of how sensible they thought the Aniketos approach is towards this, the average rating was 4.6 out of 5.

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