Aniketos is about establishing and maintaining trustworthiness and secure behaviour in a constantly changing service environment. The project supports design-time creation and run-time dynamic behaviour of composite services, addressing service developers, service providers and service end users. We have evaluated our results using industrial case studies from the the eGov, telecoms and ATM air traffic management domains. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the ongoing work that Aniketos is doing and the possibilities post-EU funding.


The Aniketos community is diverse with a mix of industrial and academic partners. The Aniketos platform design and functionality has been constantly evaluated through a cyclical agile development process, which has contributed to the resultant Aniketos user packages. Link to consortium page.

Open source community & GitHub

We use GitHub to track our source code and for tracking and discussing issues and commits. The results from the project are grouped into packages, each one addressing a set of needs:

  • Security Service Validation and Verification
    Supports the maintenance of a list of services, which are described, based on their security properties.
  • Security Monitoring and Notification
    Enables monitoring of composite services and generates alerts when trusted service operation is threatened or breached.
  • Secure Service Specification and Deployment
    Enables the modelling of a composite services and the configuring of security requirements of the constituent components.
  • Socio-technical Security Requirements
    Provides functionality to model the security relationships mainly among agents, roles, goals and documents.

EU Research

Aniketos has been working closely with a number of related EU project folk and have had the opportunity to co-locate workshops and present and discuss research challenges at cluster meetings.

We have played an active role in the EU Unit H4 CONNECT Trust and Security clustering community facilitated by the SecCord CSA project under the CSP umbrella.

Industrial liaison community

By dedicating effort to demos throughout the duration of the Aniketos project we have reached out to relevant industry. Feedback from the demo audiences has been collected and elaborated in order to improve the functionality and market appeal of the packages and to increase the opportunities for exploitation of the results after the end of the project.

Social media community:

Standardisation community

Aniketos collaborate with Pr. Ernesto Damiani from UNIMI (University of Milano), who centralises the standardisation work for several FP7 projects, to push relevant Aniketos results to ETSI. This collaboration included in participation to a standardisation workshop at the CSP forum 2013, and the contribution to a gap analysis document about the representation of assurance information for cloud-based systems for ETSI CSC. Aniketos uses and is in line with the relevant standards. We also bring appropriate result into the standardisation process. Aniketos partners have been active within the ETSI Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) group and have sent input to the Special Interest Group (SIG) on certification and conveners of TG3 on SLAs and on Security & Privacy. Activity in this area is ongoing.

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