A Design Phase for Data Sharing Agreements

Type of pub: 
Paper - workshop
Ilaria Matteucci
Marinella Petrocchi
Marco Luca Sbodio
and Luca Wiegand.

The number of factories, service providers, retailers, and final users that create networks and establish collaborations for increasing their productivity and competitiveness is constantly growing, especially by effect of the globalization and outsourcing of industrial activities. This trend introduces new complexities in the value supply chain, not last the need for secure and private data sharing among the collaborating parties. A Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) represents a flexible means to assure privacy and security of electronic data exchange. DSA is a formal document regulating data exchange in a controlled manner, by defining a set of policies specifying what parties are allowed, or required, or denied to do with respect to data covered by the agreement. A key factor in the adoption of DSAs is their usability. Here, we propose an approach for a consistent and automated design phase of the agreements. In particular, we present an authoring tool for a user-friendly and cooperative editing of DSA and an analysis tool to identify possible conflicts or incompatibilities among the DSA policies.

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