Experimental Threat Model Reuse with Misuse Case Diagrams

Type of pub: 
Paper - conference
Jostein Jensen
Per H Meland
Inger Anne
Book title - Journal: 
Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Information and communications security (ICICS'10)
M. Soriano, S. Qing, and J. Lopez

This paper presents an experiment on the reusability of threat models, specifically misuse case diagrams. The objective was to investigate the produced and perceived differences when modelling with or without the aid of existing models. 30 participants worked with two case studies using a Latin-squares experimental design. Results show that reuse is the preferred alternative. However, the existing models must be of high quality, otherwise a security risk would arise due to false confidence. Also, reuse of misuse case diagrams is perceived to improve the quality of the new models as well as improve productivity compared to modelling from scratch.

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