IBM demo event - Rome, Nov 12, 2013 - Design time process

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HotelBooking service design time process
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The demo was a live session about the Aniketos toolchain during which a Service Designer aims to create a service that takes in input user’s preferences and data for booking a hotel and returns to the user a web page with some information (POIs) related to the hotel location and an email with the booking confirmation. At design-time, the demo showed the exploitation of the Aniketos front-end tools for the design of secure service composition in order to: (a) create a high-level specification of the model and express security requirements; (b) draw the business process representing the composite service; (c) perform service discovery to bind web services to each service task; (d) create and validate the generated composition plans; (e) select and deploy a specific composition plan to make it available to other service providers; (f) specify rules in order to manage events detected by the platform.

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