New Version of the Aniketos Security Requirements Engineering Solution Now Available!

In June of 2012 we introduced our Security Requirements Engineering (SRE) solution, STS-ML. Today we proudly annoucne a new version of the STS Tool with a number of improvements, including support for the security property Confidentiality.

SRE deals with the specification of security requirements for the system-to-be, starting with the analysis of security issues as soon as in the early requirements phase. STS-ml is an actor- and goal-oriented requirements modelling language for Socio-Technical Systems (STSs), which represents the security needs the stakeholders express as constraints over the interactions between actors

The STS-ml language uses social concepts, such as role, agent, goal, delegation, authorization, etc. STS-Tool is the CASE tool for STS-ml, and is an Eclipse RCP application and supports multi-view modelling. 

The tool can be freely downloaded from the tool website

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