Workshop Model-Driven and Agile Engineering for the Web (MDWE 2012)


Web Engineering is a specific domain in which systematic development is needed and therefore approaches such as model-driven and agile development can be successfully applied. Existing model-based Web engineering approaches already provide methods and tools for the design and development of most kinds of Web applications. 
They address different concerns using separate models (navigation, presentation, workflows, etc.) and come with model compilers that produce most of the applications Web pages and logic based on these models. In practice, however, most of these Web Engineering proposals do not fully exploit all the potential benefits of Model-driven Engineering (MDE), such as complete platform independence, metamodeling, and model transformations.
The MDE paradigm offers advantages such as technology independent models and (partially) automatic generation of applications, but also well-known problems as maintenance of the models. Thus, there are defenders of MDE and also defenders of alternative paradigms such as agile development processes. We want to raise a lively and constructive discussion on pro and cons, and how in practice we can benefit from both, a MDE and an agile development process. 
Following the Internet trends, we want to focus the workshop on two main topics and how MDE and/or an agile process could help in the development, evolution and maintainability in particular of: 
• Social Web and social enterprise apps 
• Multi-device, mobile and rich Web applications (RIAs)
Deadline for paper submission: May 18,2012
Mon, 07/23/2012
Berlin, Germany

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