Aniketos - Secure Development of Trustworthy Composable Services

  • Main objective: provide service developers and providers with a secure service development framework that includes methods, tools and security services that supports the design-time creation and run-time composition of secure dynamic services, where both the services and the threats are evolving.
  • Approach: Solutions for security engineering and trust management on FI.
  • Relevance to ICT WP 2009-10:Objective ICT-2009.1.4 b) Trustworthy Service Infrastructures


  • Ensure and manage trustworthiness of interoperable and dynamically evolving services (through trust models and metrics).
  • Develop an integral framework which provides methods and facilitates tool support for secure interoperable service development, composition, adaptation and management through the concept of Security Engineering.
  • Define how to efficiently analyze, solve and share information on how new threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated or how services can adapt to them.
  • Promote and contribute to best practices, standards and own certification work related to security and trust.
  • Demonstrate and evaluate practical use of security techniques, frameworks, patterns and tools in ordinary development of software and service with end-user trials.


  • Impacts directly on the way the new critical services/systems of the future internet (FI) are developed to achieve the security requirements.
  • Impacts on the FI service infrastructure management and trustworthiness assurance
  • Impacts on new secure system certification and standards

Overview of platform

Overview of platform

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