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Aniketos demonstrations at CES and CCNC

The Aniketos Project demoed its software on the IEEE stand at the CES-event. The annual International CES show ( in Las Vegas this year was a huge event, with over 150 000 attendees visiting over the four days.

Aniketos appears in several electronic newsletters and Web Sites

Aniketos has appeared in the following list of national electronic newsletters and Web Sites in Greek.

- electronic newsletter of the Direction Publishing Organisation S.A.

Aniketos contributed a presentation to SAP Development Kick-off Meeting (DKOM)

The annual DKOMs are held, in parallel, at multiple locations world-wide. In 2012, DKOM took place in Karlsruhe (Germany), San Jose (California, USA), Bangalore (India), and Shanghai (China).  The DKOM is designed "by Development for Development" and sets the technology direction for the coming year, while allowing the development community to explore and experience the latest products, technologies, architectures, practices and tools.

Socio Technical Modeling Language and Tool

STS-ml is a Socio-Technical Security modeling language for the specification of security and trustworthiness requirements of systems operating in a cross-organizational environment. The language is built on top of social concepts, such as role, agent, goal, delegation, authorization, etc. STS-Tool is the CASE tool for STS-ml, it is an Eclipse RCP application and supports multi-view modeling.

TAP 2012

The Tests and Proofs (TAP) conference ( in 2012 is organized by members of Aniketos. In the 2012 edition, TAP especially facility submission from the intersection of security topics and testing. Thus, TAP is an excellent opportunity to disseminate Aniketos results.


Aniketos has being running over 1 year - read about our advances so far!

One of the main achievements of the first period of the project is the first version of the Aniketos Platform architecture. We have produced the initial version of the Aniketos platform, with first versions of most modules, including a Trust monitoring and evaluation tool. Together with the architecture, we have created a catalogue of more than 50 scenarios where emerging composite services are expected to be relevant.

4th Summer School on Network and Information Security

Representatives from Aniketos attended the week-long 4th NIS Summer School, organised by ENISA and FORTH this June in Crete. The Summer School covered a broad range of information security topics, from theoretical topics such as the meaning of trust, through to practical concerns about procuring and securing hardware and software. In addition to the excellent presentation sessions, the Summer School also provided an opportunity for Aniketos to present and share ideas with other FP7 projects in the area of IT-Security.

Aniketos Poster Presentation at RUSI Science and Technology Conference

On 22nd May a poster covering the vision and goals of the Aniketos project was presented at the Royal United Services Institute in London to highlight the importance of secure and trustworthy services to the attendees of the RUSI Science and Technology for Security conference. The event focussed on a number of key areas relevant to the Aniketos project, including trusted identities and contextual security.

Aniketos Design Presented at SOSE 2011

An initial design for the Aniketos platform has been presented at the SOSE 2011 workshop by Dr Kashif Kifayat of Liverpool John Moores University. The workshop, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June is an important IEEE event covering Systems-of-Systems Engineering, and represented an excellent opportunity to discuss the processes and technologies involved in Aniketos with interested members of the community.

Fifth project meeting in Budapest 8th to 10th November 2011

The fifth plenary meeting will be held in Budapest from the 8th to the 10th of November. Hosts will be Search Lab.

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