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Excellent Technical review report after first period

The first review of Aniketos took place in Brussels in early October 2011. Three excellent reviewers from industry reviewed the project results after the first year, and were so far content with what they found. Excerpts from the report:

Aniketos results at DASC 2011

In Aniketos we are analysing potential threats to composite services (an extensive list can be found in deliverable 4.1). One of these threats has been further detailed in a paper and will be presented at the 9th IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC 2011) now in December 2011 by Per Håkon Meland (SINTEF).

Aniketos STS modelling language presented at ABPSM 2011

The Aniketos Socio-technical security modelling language was presented at the 1st International Workshop on Alignment of Business Process and Security Modelling (ABPSM 2011). The workshop brought together researchers from the field of Business Processes and Security modelling, to build a common understanding on business process modelling and security aspects and how these two disciplines could be aligned.

Our paper proposed on using the STS-ml to derive security specifications, which could then be mapped to security properties to annotate business processes.

Aniketos STS modelling language presented at Stast 2011

The Aniketos Socio-technical security modelling language was presented at the 1st Workshop on Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust (STAST 2011) by Elda Paja (University of Trento). The workshop intended to bring together researchers from different fields to discuss on how to model and analyse the socio-technical aspect of current systems, and how they could be protected from possible threats and attacks.

Aniketos STS modelling language presented at iStar 2011

The Aniketos Socio-Technical Security modelling language (STS-ml) was presented at the 5th international i* workshop (iStar 2011) by Elda Paja (University of Trento). The event was held on August 29-30, 2011 in Trento, Italy, co-located with the 19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'11).

Aniketos has being running over 1 year - read about our advances so far!

One of the main achievements of the first period of the project is the first version of the Aniketos Platform architecture. We have produced the initial version of the Aniketos platform, with first versions of most modules, including a Trust monitoring and evaluation tool. Together with the architecture, we have created a catalogue of more than 50 scenarios where emerging composite services are expected to be relevant.

Sixth project meeting in Paris 21st to 23rd February 2012

The sixth plenary meeting will be held in Paris from the 21st to the 23rd of February. Host will be Thales

Aniketos STS modelling language workshop -- recap

The first workshop on applying the Aniketos Socio-Technical Security Modelling Language (STS Language, from now on) was held in Trento on July 21-22. The workshop involved three main phases: 

4th Summer School on Network and Information Security

Representatives from Aniketos attended the week-long 4th NIS Summer School, organised by ENISA and FORTH this June in Crete. The Summer School covered a broad range of information security topics, from theoretical topics such as the meaning of trust, through to practical concerns about procuring and securing hardware and software. In addition to the excellent presentation sessions, the Summer School also provided an opportunity for Aniketos to present and share ideas with other FP7 projects in the area of IT-Security.

Aniketos Poster Presentation at RUSI Science and Technology Conference

On 22nd May a poster covering the vision and goals of the Aniketos project was presented at the Royal United Services Institute in London to highlight the importance of secure and trustworthy services to the attendees of the RUSI Science and Technology for Security conference. The event focussed on a number of key areas relevant to the Aniketos project, including trusted identities and contextual security.

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