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Aniketos Design Presented at SOSE 2011

An initial design for the Aniketos platform has been presented at the SOSE 2011 workshop by Dr Kashif Kifayat of Liverpool John Moores University. The workshop, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June is an important IEEE event covering Systems-of-Systems Engineering, and represented an excellent opportunity to discuss the processes and technologies involved in Aniketos with interested members of the community.

Fifth project meeting in Budapest 8th to 10th November 2011

The fifth plenary meeting will be held in Budapest from the 8th to the 10th of November. Hosts will be Search Lab.

First project review in Brussels 6th October 2011

The first project review will take place in Brussels on the 6th of October 2011. We look forward to presenting the status of the project at this stage, and listen to the advice given by the external reviewers.

Fourth project meeting in Liverpool 14th-16th June 2011

The fourth project meeting of Aniketos took place in Liverpool between 14th and 16th of June 2011, where a total of 43 people participated. Hosts were Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

At the meeting we progressed on a large number of topics. We agreed on what to demonstrate at the first project review in Brussels in October 2011. We are happy to be able to demonstrate some of our results as a running demo at this point in time.

We were blessed with lovely weather in Liverpool, and thank our hosts for arranging the excellent boat trip.

Third project meeting took place in Pisa, Italy in February

The third plenary meeting took place 15th to 17th of February 2011 in Pisa, Italy. Hosts were CNR. At his meeting it was clear that Aniketos has a firm foundation on which to build, in contrast to the famous tower in Pisa!

Second project meeting in Bilbao

The second plenary meeting in Aniketos took place in Bilbao, Spain 22nd to 24th of November 2011. Our partner ESI (now Tecnalia) were hosts to the 35 participants attending the meeting. During the three days we progressed on many issues, such as consolidating existing work and the Aniketos architecture and requirements.

In addition to doing good work, we enjoyed the beautiful city of Bilbao, with its excellent kitchen, and the magnificent Guggenheim museum.

Trondheim Kick-Off Meeting

The kick off meeting took place in Trondheim, Norway 22nd -24th September 2010. The project co-ordinator SINTEF were hosts to the 40 participants attending the meeting. The project got off to a good start, working in particular on the consolidation of existing work.

In addition to the good work, we enjoyed the charming town, and got a special visit to the Nidaros cathedral, followed by a fine dinner in the Visitor's centre where the Nidaros cathedral choir gave us a special performance.

Consortium agreement in place

The Consortium agreement for the project has already been signed by all partners. It is promising that this important detail is in place - many collaborative projects spend a lot of time getting this finalized!

Aniketos started August 1st 2010

The project started as planned on the first of August 2010. The kick-off meeting was held in Trondheim (Norway), where the project coordinator SINTEF were hosts. The kick-off took place 22nd-24th September at the Britannia hotel.

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